Compatibility. Security. Compliance.

Droplet Computing containers can run across multiple platforms and devices. So whatever your challenge may be whether it be you need additional security to continue running business critical legacy applications or legacy server infrastructure, protecting them against zero day attacks and ransomware or that you want a more cost effective simpler method to deliver any applications to end users Droplet Containers can meet your security compliance needs.


Don’t compromise - Let the Droplet Never Trust model protect you against zero day attacks and ransomware.Get the fully-featured versions of all your Windows apps mirrored across your laptop, phone, tablet and more!

  • Compatibility
    Divorce applications from the operating system and run your software on a multitude of operating systems or cloud platforms that they were not designed for.
  • Top Security
    NCC Group PLC regularly pen test our software checking that vulnerable old or new applications can not be interfered with or exploited.
  • Compliance
    Our software helps achieve regulatory compliance like Cyber Essentials Plus or NIST
  • We also do server solutions - Get business critical legacy Windows apps to the end user by publishing them from a server

Virtual Desktop Initiatives

We support containers running inside virtual desktops and virtual apps using a variety of vendors and app delivery solutions

Taking the stress out of software deployment

Enabling applications to be delivered securely, multi-platform, online and offline

Any Windows app on any device

The traditional desktop PC has changed into a laptop, Chromebook, tablet, or smartphone. However, end users want the full experience not the “cut-down” version. Droplet Computing containers enable the full version of a Windows app to be delivered to the device of choice, securely and with the familiarity and functionality the users need – even if the app is not written natively for that device.

Secure legacy server workloads

If you need to continue to run Legacy Server OS's like 2003 or 2008 isolate and secure the entire layer inside a Droplet server container to achieve compliance and significantly reduce risk scores.

Is it secure? Absolutely

Droplet Containers wrap a layer of Security around your applications blocking all inbound traffic. The security of the container is frequently penetration tested both by our customers and by independent third party experts. The last round of commissioned pen testing was conducted by the NCC Group PLC

Work online & offline seamlessly

Droplet has been designed in such a way that applications are not streamed to the target device and your installed application will continue to function when you are offline. Droplet interacts with any File sync and share program to maintain document consistency.

Be invisible to the host OS

Apps running in a Droplet Computing container are invisible to the host operating system so no longer present an attack surface.

Build once, deploy many

With your applications now containerized, you can deploy the container to as many devices as you want. Not only that, the very same container will run on a variety of different device platforms, without having to change it. For example, you could be running a Windows platform in the office and then continue from home on a Mac, using exactly the same container. Droplet integrates into any existing deployment tools such as SCCM or Endpoint Configuation Manager, Intune, Mobile Iron, FSLogix etc.

Run legacy software on all devices

Your legacy applications can simply be installed directly into the Droplet Computing container unchanged, and then delivered using the application delivery mechanism you use currently. There is no need to refactor, package, sequence, or virtualize the applications to make them work.

Upgrade Citrix farms or bring your apps to the cloud

With the Droplet multi-session container you can bring your legacy apps to a modern Citrix deployment, or any other multi session environment such as Windows Virtual Desktop. Droplet also allows you to run any apps in Azure, AWS, Google or IBM.

Droplet Computing is a software-based container solution that works by taking your apps and installing them, unchanged, inside a secure, and isolated containerized environment. In turn, this containerized environment is portable and can be delivered to your device regardless of OS, executing locally and offline. Alternatively it can be delivered using Windows app publishing solutions for multi-user deployments.

Droplet Computing sells exclusively via an authorized partner network. Click on a partner of choice to link to their web site via our scrolling banner on the home page, or contact us and we will happily put you in contact with a partner.

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