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When is a fridge not a fridge?

When is a fridge not a fridge?

Date: 21 May 2018 | By: admin

If you have recently attended any of my presentations or spoken to me at an event where I have been talking about Droplet Computing and the future of application delivery, then you may have witnessed fleeting moments of me going off on a tangent about different devices or smart devices, that are connected to the Internet, or are running browsers.

One of these ramblings is my washing machine example where I talk about the washing machine being wi-fi enabled and if I am away from home sometimes playing a joke on my wife by logging on to the washing machine in the middle of the night and setting it on the fast spin cycle as an early morning alarm call.

I then go on, jokingly, to talk about what’s next. Browsers on fridges? At which point the audience just looks at me in that, you know, special way! But now I feel I have been vindicated and leads me to write this.

On a recent day working from the Droplet Computing office in Birmingham city centre, we popped out to grab a sandwich, and happened to pop in to one of the big high street department stores to look at coffee machines for the office, and that’s when I saw it. At first, I thought it was a wind up from our CEO, and that he had somehow managed to get ahead of me and Velcro an iPad to the front of a fridge, but no, it was real. There, right before my eyes, was a smart fridge, made by a well known manufacturer, complete with a large integrated touch screen. Not only was it a touch screen, it was also running apps, one of which was a browser. So, we couldn’t help but test the Droplet Universal Container on said fridge.

I’m pleased to report that it worked a dream, as you can see from the pictures. We were able to connect and download a container that was running the Windows 98 operating system and launch a game of Minesweeper. This goes to prove just how versatile the Droplet Universal Container solution is, and that you really can choose the device on which you want to run your applications on.

While you might question the use case of running Minesweeper on your fridge, the implications of running applications on your fridge as a ‘smart’ device are huge. Imagine the technophobe generation being able have a familiar ‘device’ (the fridge) as their connection to the outside world. Imagine, parents being able to encourage their children to eat vegetables, and other healthy food options, by having a nutritional app running on their fridge. The use cases for this are endless and might just be another “Star Trek” moment in the history of technology!