Droplet Computing develops innovative software solutions based on our patent-pending container technology which enables fully featured applications to run on multiple device platforms, such as Windows, Mac, and Linux – even if the operating system on your device does not normally support those applications.

What makes our container solution different from other containers is that we do not require you to be connected to the Cloud to run your applications. Your applications run locally on your device online as well as offline.

Our solutions enable you to focus on being productive on the device of your choice without any loss of features, functionality, or familiarity.

Droplet Computing is a software-based container solution that works by taking your applications and installing them inside a containerized environment. In turn, this containerized environment is delivered to your device, Windows, Mac, or Linux based. Once delivered the container has the ability run either online or offline, delivering a semi-connected solution.

As your applications run securely within the Droplet Computing Container, this enables the container to run independently of the device’s underlying operating system, and even its chipset, allowing you the freedom of device choice. Even if the device doesn’t run that application natively.

More importantly, the device itself is not modified in any way, and neither are the applications that you choose to run. The applications are the same applications that you would use on any other device. For example, you could run the full Windows version of Microsoft Visio on an Mac.

As the applications are those that you are already familiar with, then all the features and functionality you would expect are present and correct. You can print as well as save documents as you would normally, either locally, connected to a network, or even using cloud-based storage and synchronization solutions.

Droplet Computing enables you to run your applications, on your device of choice, either online or offline, delivering true application freedom.

Droplet Computing Containers are available to purchase exclusively via our partner network.

If you already work with an existing partner then contact them in the first instance. If they are not currently a Droplet Computing partner then please visit our partner page where you will find a list of certified and authorized Droplet Computing Network partners who would be more than happy to help you.

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Founded based on real-life customer feedback

Droplet Computing was founded based on real-life customer feedback, where customers were looking at wanting to deploy any application on any device. Although there are vendors that used this “any app, any device” in their marketing verbiage, there were several caveats to the reality of achieving this. The main one being the need to be online so that the end user would need to connect to some form of VDI or cloud-based desktop and delivery mechanism to have their apps delivered. We felt this was potentially overkill in terms of infrastructure requirements, and what if there was no connection available, or having that connection posed a security risk?

Not having a connection was the real-life scenario that was presented to our founder during a potential 30,000 seat Chromebook roll-out project, that eventually was shelved after one of the customer’s key stake holders couldn’t get on to one of the core business apps. So, it was back to deploying expensive Windows laptops!

It all started with an idea

We started with an idea to run applications and make them universal across all devices, without reliance on being connected. That materialized with an early prototype running on a Chromebook. However, we soon realized that we needed to look at what is common across all devices, and that commonality is the browser. This resulted in the development of the Droplet Container, a secure, patent-pending container technology that allows you to containerize your applications and deliver them to multiple platforms giving you the choice of device.

The senior management team at Droplet Computing including Peter von Oven (Founder & CTO) and Barry Daniels (COO) between them, have over 40 years combined experience in delivering end user computing solutions, and cloud computing and before founding Droplet Computing worked for some of the leading vendors and partner in the EUC and cloud space, with Peter having authored twelve books on the subject!




Peter has over 20 years experience working in end user computing, and is a six-times VMware vExpert, has published fourteen books and courses on EUC, and is an active member within the EUC technical community. On a day-to-day basis he is responsible for the overall strategy and direction of Droplet Computing.



With over 20 years of experience in IT, Barry started his technology career with IBM and has designed and implemented a number of innovations. The most significant being the development of a Zoom technology, used by today’s smart phones. At Droplet Computing he is responsible for sales & marketing strategy.



Fabian started building virtual machines as a hobby ten years ago, then in the context of malware analysis and research, and now for building Droplet Computing Containers. He has a Bachelor of IT-Security from the Ruhr-Universität Bochum in Germany. At Droplet Computing, Fabian heads up the dev team.



Michelle is a well-known within the community from her time running her own training company, RTFM Education, and through publishing eight books. As Chief Technologist, Michelle is responsible for Partner Enablement, Pre-Sales,  and advising on product strategy.



Nick joins Droplet Computing with over 25 years experience in the IT security and availability space. He has enjoyed success in a variety of VAR, distributor and vendor sales roles. At Droplet Computing, Nick is responsible for customer success.



Adam joins Droplet Computing after 25 years at Microsoft in a variety of tech roles, with the last 22 years located at Microsoft Corporate HQ in Redmond, USA, which included three years as assistant tech advisor to Bill Gates.



Philip is an investor at the venture capital fund Draper Esprit.  Previously, Philip worked as a lawyer, advising VC investors and early stage businesses on financing. He has also worked at Google and advised startups in the UK and US.


To see how Droplet Computing Containers can help transform the way you deliver applications today, contact us to discuss your particular use case, for a free trial, or demonstration, and redefine your application delivery.