Applications are what users need, a device without applications is just hardware. Users today have changed the landscape of devices within organizations with the consumerization of devices into the workplace, saving companies money by utilizing devices already owned.

With Droplet Computing you enable the delivery of the applications end users want, to the device they want to use, all without the need to change the application in any way.

Droplet Computing’s semi-connected container means that end users are able to work online or offline, ensuring end users remain productive. As containers are isolated environments, organizations can rest assured that the end user and their data remain secure at all times.


Devices in the workplace have changed; users want more and are demanding that the device of their choice is the one that they use. The traditional PC has changed into a laptop, Chromebook, tablet, smartphone. While application vendors have tried to keep pace by developing applications or delivery methods for the applications for each of these devices.

Users want the familiarity of the applications they want on the device they use – they want the full experience not just the “Sampler ”.

Droplet Computing enables the full application to be delivered to the device of choice, securely and with the familiarity and functionality the users need.


Delivery of applications has not changed for 20 years, applications have had installs based on executables and then device specific installations which have had to be developed.

With Droplet Computing’s semi-connected container technology, you can now deliver your new & old applications in the same manner to all devices, into the container and be able to access when online and offline to work whenever and wherever you need too.

Administrators can build a portfolio of applications and containers based on user type, application type or even access type.

Users start to work by simply launching the container on their local device and then launching their applications from the app launcher inside the container.



If you want to run Windows-based apps, whether they are legacy apps, or you just want to run them on a non-native Windows platform, then contact Droplet Computing today and see how you can redefine application delivery for your organization.